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Marine Environment Research

Western Society of Naturalists 2012

Where: Seaside, CA; When: November 8 - 11, 2012;

Mini Review of the Climate Change Effects on Seaweed Communities

Harley, CDG, KM Anderson, KW Demes, JP Jorve, RL Kordas, TA Coyle. In Press. Effects of climate change on global seaweed communities. Journal of Phycology. Link

Go figure – Seaweeds reconfigure to survive

UBC press release from the Martone Lab's recent publication "Drag reduction in wave-swept macroalgae: Alternative strategies and new predictions"

Northwest Algal Symposium

Where: Vancouver, BC; When: May 9-11, 2012 Link

Storytelling in Science – Randy Olson, March 27th

Learn storytelling techniques with Randy Olson, producer of "Flock of Dodos: (2006) and author of "Don't Be Such a Scientist" (2009).

Dr. Rebecca Martone AERL Seminar Talk – Thurs. March 8th, 1pm

Dr. Martone will discuss coupled social-ecological systems research for EBM in coastal marine systems in the IRES weekly seminar

Tunicates are a drag, especially when they invade

Clarke Murray, C, TW Therriault and PT Martone. 2012. Adapted for invasion? Comparing attachment, drag and dislodgment of native and nonindigenous hull fouling species. Biological Invasions DOI: 10.1007/s10530-012-0178-0

Biodiversity Heats Up in Science

MER researcher Chris Harley  published his work on temperature and biodiversity in the latest issue of Science.

Master Rebecca Guenther!

Rebecca Guenther defended her masters on the physiological ecology of coralline algae during simulated tidal cycles.

L’acidification des Océans – CBC Interview

Watch marine ecology student Manon Picard's interview with CBC News.
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    The Marine Environment Research (MER) group is a meeting place for scientists from UBC and southern British Columbia who conduct research in marine ecosystems. This website is meant to promote collaborations between labs in different departments or industries, provide current graduate students with relevant information, and for prospective students who are interested in marine research in British Columbia.
    This site is a work in progress and would greatly benefit from your input! Please post information about your lab, seminars and conferences, and exciting marine research news! To add your lab, contact the current web master Megan Mach - machery at gmail dot com. Add your own seminar and conference postings by filling out the information forms on the respective pages.

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